I know too many people, including myself, guilty of leaving stories unfinished.
If you're double guilty, you're probably wondering 'what story'. Well yes, this applies to that novel, blog, video, and caption too. Make sure you finish it.

Anyways, I am talking about a different kind of story. Away from social media, books and gossip, I'm talking about your story. That conversation you walked out on, that opportunity you closed your eyes to, that topic you froze.

The most traumatizing question to ever have to ask or answer is the what if question. I might be wrong but in my experience, this stems from the need to know what the outcome would’ve been if an alternative action had been taken, or another choice made.

What then, do we do when circumstances and people are pushing us to walk out on unresolved conflicts, difficult situations, unique people, tough choices and distressing topics?

My answer? Read the title again. You know why? Because our lives are narrations made of sub stories called experiences. And if our sub stories tie, knit and intertwine to create a lifetime, imagine what you do to that potentially beautiful piece of art when you leave unpleasant pieces hanging.

Conversations lead to conclusions, otherwise they lead to closure; tough choices lead to solutions, otherwise they foster maturity, distressing topics give a learning opportunity otherwise, they help us discover ourselves; and difficult people introduce us to diversity, otherwise they stretch the limits of our patience and teach us flexibility.

So I ask you; why did you walk out on that opportunity before before it finished unfolding? Why did you close that conversation before you all reached a conclusion? Why did you walk out of that person’s life when it started getting ugly? Don’t you want to know first hand what happens next? If the narrative will change? If hope will manifest?

Open that book, and see that story to the end. If you can't change anything then at least you can safely tuck in a loose end. What's that phrase; live, don't exist. Finish up that story and stop accumulating those what ifs.


B. Bisi

Welcome to my thoughts.